Aireagóir offers a Secure Platform to host Your Applications, an Ecosystem wrapped in leading-edge Security Services. 

We help you maximize the power of the cloud to drive agility and innovations for your hybrid IT estate. We aim to meet our clients wherever they are in their technology and cloud journey, supporting them in achieving their business goals, and their digital transformation goals, including ease of migration and maximizing security.

Bunús is the foundation on which our customers and partners can build effective solutions and services for their clients. Bunús is a secure cloud offering where your data is encrypted, secure, built-in DR, and controlled by you. We wrap a services approach, controls, and security around our managed services. Let Aireagóir do the work so that your business can optimize. Using the world’s most advanced security solutions, powered by our key partners, we offer customers the possibility of total data access control while providing data at rest and data in transit protection. No matter if you're looking for a Hypered model, Multi-cloud, or someone to manage your current infrastructure, we have the expertise.


Bunús offers complete breadth and depth of user controls, security features, and monitoring built natively into the platform, limiting the security exposure footprint. By using security features such as two-factor authentication, password policies, storage encryption at rest, and other hardening features, Bunús delivers unparalleled security to your virtual data center. 


Matching your business needs with industry-leading technology



 Shed the constraints of a typical data center and go to the next evolution of cloud



All that Bunús has to offer, plus a unified security service


Managed Services

Streamline overhead costs with our portfolio of managed services


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