About Us

Aireagóir - Committed to Excellence

Aireagóir is comprised of a group of industry experts with decades of combined experience with cloud infrastructure. Since the formation of the company, we have been recognized as a dependable technology partner that offers a full stack of solutions and services. We provide our clients with a wide range of technology services and work to bring your needs and strategies to life.

Bunús (VDCaaS & Multi-Cloud Bridge)

The future is multi-cloud.  Bunús makes it easy to secure your most critical data and workloads in a private cloud or the bridge between.  Further, with our collaboration with key partners, we can make the resources stored in Bunus easily accessible from any public cloud, data center, or branch office, with all the enterprise-grade Visibility, Security, and Control your Enterprise requires.


While most cloud networking solutions stop at the edge of the cloud (SD-WAN, SASE), our ecosystem extends the security and control of the Bunús offering from the data center to your cloud applications - ensuring complete security and visibility around your cloud-network with advanced, cloud-agnostic, BGP routing capabilities to power your multi-cloud future. 

Expertise – It’s all in the details

Our engineers are experts in managing cloud complexity. We’ll work with you to optimize your existing network and transition your applications to a cloud platform. Our goal is to combine industry-leading technology with paralleled experience to provide you with the best solution for your business.

So why Aireagóir?

While technology is the future, great lessons can be learned by looking at the past. We draw inspiration for our company and service names from a combination of middle age and modern Gaelic.

Aireagóir – Irish Gaelic; inventor

Bunús – Scottish Gaelic; foundation

Tèarainte - Scottish Gaelic; secure, safe

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