Migration & Strategy

Seamlessly Migrate Your Applications — Without Business Interruption


With the information gained in the proof of value, Aireagóir's team of Certified consultants and architects will collaborate with your team to develop and execute a customized mass migration plan, based on our proven methodology.  In this module, Virtual-ready applications will be migrated to or from one cloud platform to another seamlessly and without interruption to your business operations.


Before and during migration, Aireagóir will:

  • Coordinate the implementation of the new target environment.

  • Coordinate with business and technical teams to minimize business impact during migration.

  • Utilize appropriate migration methods.

  • VM Import. 

  • Cloud Formation Templates/Terraform.

  • Database Migration Service.

  • Server Migration Service.

  • Storage Gateway.

​We know it is important to your business to have the ability to measure and manage the metrics driving your adoption of the cloud. You should expect a tightly integrated and collaborative process during the migration, and Aireagóir’s team will create a plan that addresses your business goals from day 1.  

With production applications running on the selected cloud platform, Aireagóir’s managed services teams step in to provide ongoing management, optimization, and security services to keep your cloud environment operating at the state of the art.  

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Leverage deep technical expertise for your transition to a Cloud Platform


Consulting that fits

Aireagóir assessments identify the challenges and opportunities within your business, developing an understanding of your current state environment, uncovering what your business' future state can be, and how to leverage Technology and a Cloud infrastructure to drive to that future state. Doing this properly will do more than just sound good, like some make it appear, doing it properly will provide the facts and roadmap that will be invaluable in determining the short, medium, and long term technology risk factors. These risk factors can have drastic unforeseen influences on strategy, budget, and potential restructuring opportunities. These are risks management must determine are acceptable or not and worth the investment. A Cloud strategy, specifically, that is inconsistent with the strategic goals of a business can be expensive and highly ineffective. Aireagóir helps you build and execute a comprehensive Technology and Cloud Strategy that creates value, that is secure, and one that you can deploy to optimize Business operations through productivity and efficiency.

Whether you are just beginning a journey to the right Platform, or have already begun and would like to benefit from Aireagóir’s expertise and best practices, Hyperscale Cloud Consulting Services can help your organization:​


  • Develop a comprehensive strategy for new workloads to leverage the power of the right cloud platform

  • Perform an application assessment to analyze current workloads and readiness to migrate to the cloud.

  • Develop a business case to predict and measure the economic and operational advantages of moving to the cloud

  • Leverage new technology and expertise to Secure your business 

With a detailed adoption plan in place, Aireagóir will carry out a Proof of Value with your team, in order to validate the initial infrastructure, and demonstrate the viability of migrating to the selected platform. The Proof of Concept phase includes:​

  • Cloud design for target workload to place into a cloud solution

  • Defined success criteria for validating if the environment meets the requirements

  • Skilled resources on moving workloads to the cloud

  • Repeatable plan for client environments moving to the cloud

  • Cloud environment running target workloads

  • Recommendations on how to properly secure assets 

Following the completion of a documented cloud adoption plan, and a successful proof of concept, clients wishing to move production applications to the selected cloud platform will progress to the Aireagóir Migration Service.

Information Security Program Strategy

The complexity of today’s business environment requires organizations to develop and implement a security strategy that is closely aligned with business goals. The right program should be able to protect all aspects of your enterprise. At Aireagóir, our experts will work with you to develop a program that is best equipped to protect your data, assets, and users and increase operational efficiency to maximize the value of your organization. Our security experts will partner with you to help you stay ahead of current threats and risks and make technology investments that best support your business. We can help clarify design policies and develop, implement, and maintain a security strategy to secure and protect your enterprise and improve daily operations. 

What We Do:
We provide a wide range of services – In addition to security program development, we can assist you with compliance and regulation issues, and provide training and education. 

​Our Experts Can:

  • Identify security gaps, manage risk and allocate resources to better protect your organization

  • Enhance your security program 

  • Develop security strategies that better align with your business goals

  • Assess your existing program and develop a roadmap to better achieve your security goals

  • Lead your security initiative and ensure consistent execution of your security strategy 

  • Help you protect your enterprise’s assets and people

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