Round Table Event: Current Status of Multi-Cloud & Security


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The growth of the cloud and multi-cloud in organizations is changing the landscape. Today, all components of the network and cloud, regardless of how widely distributed, need to function as a single integrated system. The need to connect to cloud services, applications, cloud-native services, and most of those elements also need to be seen as a discrete edge to the network. 


Interoperability between dynamic network elements is essential. We must integrate connectivity and network functionality with security. When data moves from one place to another, across and between devices and cloud platforms, it needs to be combined with inspection, encryption, and policy enforcement.


There are two sides off the table; CIO and CISO provide an insight into honest boardroom discussions. Join the interactive Q&A with a panel of your peers as they outline if and how the convergence impacts their respective and the business they want to enable.


  • Current status of the Cloud and growth of Multi-Cloud

  • Strategic impact the effective Cloud strategies are having on organizations pursuing technology modernization and data migration initiatives

  • Operational elements that must be managed to ensure performance and security while managing costs

  • What does security look like in this world?

  • What happens when you do one well but not the other?

  • Think of this as one problem and thus one platform to do all is required and that will bring together the people?

  • Investments in people, processes and technologies that must be made to ensure that skillsets, organizational structures and tools are in place to offer transparency and management across complex environments

  • Technology management principles that ensure proper design, development, deployment and ongoing management 




DATE: May 12th, 2022

TIME: 15:30PM ET / 18:15 PM EST

The Hotel at Avalon, an Autograph Collection Hotel by Marriott Hotel, 9000 Avalon Blvd,

Alpharetta, GA 30009


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