Virtual Data Center

Cloud offering the way it was meant to be

Bunús (Gaelic for foundation) provides an all-in-one service for building a private cloud infrastructure. This includes everything you need in storage, compute, networking, virtualization, and management. Our fully integrated, secure cloud software solution was built with simplicity, security, and completeness in mind. Features include:

  • Professional Level Management – ongoing management of your environment by our experts

  • Secure Multi/Nested Tenancy – the only cloud solution to offer secure, nested multi-tenancy

  • Enterprise-Class IT Service – high availability with no single point of failure

  • Data Center Automation – a web-based management console that allows for changes or additions with just a few clicks

  • High-Performance Elastic Storage – Blockchain technology ensures bit-perfect data integrity

  • Unlimited Scalability – resources can be scaled out on demand without service interruption

  • Development Platform – Accelerated Development and Improved Governance of your applications

  • Multi-Cloud Compatibility – import from an existing cloud infrastructure like Azure, Google or AWS

  • Crypto-Encrypted Storage  (CES) - CES leverages cryptographic encryption with next-gen distributed-storage technology to provide Enterprises with the most secure, highly available, storage and DR posture possible.

With Bunús, you eliminate the worry of compatibility and coordinating updates, allowing for rapid deployment, a streamlined process, and scalable operations. 


Our customers have a choice between a hybrid model or hosting their environments in multiple locations globally. So no matter where you are, you get the best possible performance and the team that manages it. 

BUNUS Stack.png

Researchers report the majority of malware (61%) is now delivered via cloud applications; leading applications include Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, and SharePoint. According to an IT trends study, cloud computing was the top organizational investment for the first time in more than 10 years. Even with increased IT spending in 2020 to deal with distributed IT and work-from-home challenges, 78% of IT and IT security leaders lack confidence in their company’s cybersecurity posture.

Built in disaster recovery & encryption  

Global inline deduplication

Data is not just deduplicated on individual VM’s or on a tenant by tenant basis, but every block that resides on the entire environment.

Silent corruption detection & correction

The Bunús Solution stores a checksum of every block of data that is written to it. When that data is read, it is verified for integrity. This technique protects against silent corruption and bit rot. In the event of finding a bad block of data, our intelligent algorithm will check for redundant copies locally within the system. If that block of data cannot be found, DR/Backup sites will be checked in real-time, and the data block will be retrieved and repaired seamlessly without user interaction or downtime.

Optimized remote synchronization

Leverage deduplication at not just one site, but across sites as well. If the destination site receiving your backups already has 90% of the same blocks of data, Bunús solution knows to only send those differentiating blocks.

Automated health scanning

The Bunús offering actively monitors the state of an entire environment for any possible issues to ensure business continuity.

256-bit data at rest encryption

Bunús solution supports AES 256-bit encryption for all your data on install.

Instant snapshots & cloning

Take or restore snapshots of your entire environment, tenant, or virtual machines without waiting.

With CES technology, Crypto-Ransomware attacks become irrelevant.  With CES, even if a malicious attacker were to acquire your data - it would be meaningless due to our cryto-encryption.  What's more, because of our blockchain storage technology, rolling an environment back that has been hacked takes minutes.  This combination cripples Crypto-Ransomware attacks and protects your company's most sensitive data. 

Our Private Cloud Offer can support any size opportunity, no matter how big or small. Choose our Private Cloud Infrastructure when control, performance and security are your top priority​

  • Applications that require high performance

  • Mission-critical business applications

  • Multi-cloud strategy

  • Hybrid IT

  • Address compliance and regulatory concerns

  • Data Center Consolidation and extension

  • Disaster recovery

  • Enhanced security

  • Test/Dev platform 

Compliance & SLAs


Secure your Data: Our environment helps you meet data protection, privacy, and compliance requirements.


Gain Control: Our Private Cloud solution features fine-grain control over how, where, and when cloud resources are provisioned and consumed. Security and Cyberdefense investments have enabled the Bunus offering to develop industry-specific security and compliant environments. It also enables operational and organizational security and compliance frameworks to accommodate current and future requirements. Compliance is enabled further through a radically simplified process that permits the ability to recipe standards and clone uniquely compliant virtual data centers.



Our team of certified consultants and architects will collaborate with your team to develop and execute a customized mass migration plan based on our proven methodology. In this module, virtual-ready applications will be migrated to or from one cloud platform to another, seamlessly and without interruption to your business operations. Throughout the process, we’ll:

  • Assess and migrate

  • Coordinate the implementation of the new target environment

  • Coordinate with business and technical teams to minimize business impact during migration

  • Execute VM imports

  • Complete database and server migration

  • Create a storage gateway

We know it is important for your business to have the ability to measure and manage the metrics driving your adoption of the cloud. We’ll provide a tightly integrated and collaborative process during the migration. Our team will create a plan that addresses your business goals from day one. 

Managed Services

We offer a complete portfolio of managed services to complement Bunús. Our team of experts will proactively monitor your environment and enforce best practices to maintain an optimal state of operation. Our managed services offerings include: ​

  • Risk meter

  • Enterprise-class SIEM with full network & host visibility

  • Enterprise-class Log Management w/ long-term retention

  • Customizable dashboard with drill down

  • Policy / rules-based customization and analysis

  • Custom alerts based on processes and individual events

  • Support for public, private & hybrid clouds

  • Monthly / quarterly security overviews

  • Reports customization

  • Scriptable or manual deployment

  • Multi-level multi-tenancy

With production applications running on the selected cloud platform, our managed services teams step in to provide ongoing management, optimization, and security services to keep your cloud environment operating. Learn more about our managed services.


We offer three levels of support for Bunús:


Included with all Aireagóir services

  • Initial setup and build

  • Five nines up-time

  • Ongoing Maintenance 



  • Everything included in Standard

  • Ticket queue escalation


  • Everything included in Priority

  • Emergency 24/7 support